Gina Nemo (Poet, Writer, Filmmaker, Award-Winning Singer & Music Producer, Actress, Director, Producer) was born in New York and raised in Los Angeles, California. Her debut film VOICES about poetry was recently picked up for distribution.

Gina Nemo is a writer, director, producer who produces film, TV and commercial productions for various networks and independent companies through her international media company. Nemo became an award-winning actress and now she diversifies in the entertainment industry by producing, writing and directing global and technology driven content.

Nemo’s company G Plan Media is currently producing and directing commercials, television shows and pilots, music videos and documentaries. She is the daughter of the late Jazz performer and composer Henry Nemo who wrote hit standards in the forties.

She has won awards for her acting performance in the original Fox series “21 Jump Street” and also for the song  Saltwater that was released on her most recent album Cicada (G Plan Music, 2014). Other albums she released are Plastic Wonderland (Omen Records, 1999) and Waiting (Omen Records, 2008). She has written and released five poetry books, Strings (MCI, 2013), Scarlet (MCI, 2014), Carousel (MCI, 2015) and GINA NEMO: Book of Haikus (Zava Poetry, 2016) and 22 Love Poems (Zava Poetry, 2017). Her poetry audio releases Strings (2014), Swoop (2014) and Serenade (2015) were released on G Plan Music, (a subsidiary of G Plan Media). Her poetry and her audio releases have been showcased on Paddy Lane’s radio show “My Kind of Music” on CRY104FM in Youghal, County Cork, Ireland and on Melinda Cochrane’s Destiny MindSet Show. Her poetry has been published in many poetry international anthologies and literary collections including,  Inspired Heart Exclusive and other Editions published by MCI, Melinda Cochrane International) in Canada, Collections Fathers and what must be said & The Day The Mirror Called by Rebel Poetry, Ireland,  Perspective Magazine 1 & 2,, The Art Of Being Human Volumes 4, 6 & 11 published by Brian Wrixon Books in Canada, and the anthologies Resonating StringsResonanceColours of Refuge and Mytho in India.

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